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eyebrowgoesup's Journal

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Name: Spock
Age: Sixteen (Terran)
Fandom: Star Trek XI, also called Reboot, NuTrek, 2009, and five trillion other things I forget.
Class: Sophomore
Dorm Room: Room 512 with Akatsutsumi Momokoheromaniac
Little Sibling Summer 1 2011: Sam Puckett/hurtingzeebo
Workshops Summer 1 2011:
Monday 2: Destiny and Free Will: Atreides
Monday 3: Hero Management: Granger
Friday 3: Advanced Astrophysics (and Arts & Crafts): Richards
Voicemail: 555-LOGC

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fandomhnigh. No disrespect or copyright infringement is intended. Live long and prosper.
having green blood, repression, science!, star trek, xenolinguists