Room 512, Monday Evening
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Spock was sitting cross-legged on the floor on his side of the room, meditating, as was his wont. He could frequently be found thus, seeking serenity in the cold reassurances of logic.

Unfortunately, the universe had other plans for him tonight. But he didn't know that yet. So he was peacefully meditating.

((Open for the roommate, but if anyone else has cause to be in 512, they are of course welcome.))

Room 512, Sunday Evening
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Spock's transport back from a winter break spent on Vulcan had arrived on schedule, to his satisfaction. It must be noted that it was decidedly not winter on Vulcan, and considering that winter on Vulcan corresponded to a warm day in the desert on Earth anyway...well, the contrast was remarkable, to say the least, and he was bundled to within an inch of his life even indoors, unpacking, and had no intention whatsoever of braving the outdoors any more than he had to.


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Room 512, Saturday Late Afternoon
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"...And this is my room," Spock said as he opened the door to 512 and let his mother in. Both sides of the room were actually quite neat, but one had a few small items of Vulcan origin scattered about, while the other had a cat bed and a positive mountain of cat toys. "My roommate--who does not seem to be present--has recently procured a kitten," he explained to his mother. "She claims this is a temporary arrangement." He nudged a stray feathery thing with his toe. "I am not sure I believe her."

The kitten scampered out from under his bed to attack the feathery thing. "And here it is now."

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remember the name
"You have reached the voicemail of Spock. I am not currently taking calls. Please leave a message with your contact information."


Vulcan, Stardate 2249.183
home sweet about to implode home
Spock found he could not argue with his parents' logic. He was half-Human, and had been raised entirely Vulcan, so it made sense for them to want him to experience the other half of his heritage. Though he had always thought his father wanted him to be as Vulcan as possible, this came as no real surprise.

It was their method he found fault with. Boarding school?

"I find it difficult to believe the caliber of education I will receive at this 'Fandom' school will be equivalent to the education I have been receiving here," Spock informed his father, who did not even look up from his work.

"It will certainly be less rigorous. Your mother has some idea it will be good for you," Sarek said. "More to the point--" and now Sarek did look up at him. "I am assured you will learn things there you could not possibly learn anywhere else. It is a most singular educational experience."

Well. That was something else, then. "I will return to my packing and allow you to complete your work," Spock decided. Sarek turned back to his desk and Spock left without anything further needing to be said.


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